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- NO.3 緾u醠 es la m醧uina de prensado de calor? 縌ue es la m醧uina de im醙enes de revisi髇?
- NO.4 縌ue elementos se probar醤 en el informe sin plomo?
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The guider of manufacture hotfix motifs

The guider of manufacture hotfix motifs

1.Need to check the individual motif carefully in work to make sure no lack of stones,opposite direction of stones,or broken stones. Regardless how good manufacture is, the above  problem will happen probably,so it needs to check on before manufacture.To the above situation,we can replace or patch the broken one with a backup 

2.Need to make sure that are no dust and oil dirt on the suface of the fabric in work, (If you are sure you need to take the actual material to decorate with your clothing,you need to make a prior test of production in advance,then we can know if the hotfix motifs can be sticked firmly to the related objects!

3.Parameters of testing hotfix: before pressed the hotfix motifs to the garment.We need to test it correctly.The pressure , process time, different affixing objects,Differen material of hotfix motifs(such as rhinestones, nailhead ,rhinestuds)will cause different parameter of hotfix,so the above factors are necessary to be setted up right before hotfix !

4.After hotfix motifs done, we need to wait for cooling the clothing and rhinestones'temperature until down to the right temperature. Then remove the gummed paper gently,if the gummed paper and hotfix rhinestones were removed together,we should analyse the matter !

5.There are some reason why rhinestones cannot be sticked firmly to the clothing,We can make the correct process after correct analysis :
   1.Remove the gummed paper in high temperature quickly;
   2.There is something wrong in the attaching objects;such as more dust and oil dir;
   3.The glue of the rhinestons is not firm enough;
   4.No glue in the bottom of the rhinestone.

6.The last inspection : after heat fixed it, if we find that stones was lost we need to put the same backup stones on the clothing by nipper, then heat surface of it by brand iron. After 10 seconds the glue of stones' bottom melted,just fix it well!

7.Check more methods of hotfix, pls refer to the vcd of our company !




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