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China--Purchases' paradise
China--Purchases' paradise
    By rapid economic development, china became the production and export great power in the world. Chinese product, cover the any corner in the world. More than 85% garment, fabric, toy production is made in china. "Made in China"turn into a well-known word in the world.
    Economic great power, as America, Germany, Japan, France, Korea and so on, all these countries perceive the concussion from china's rapid economic development., Take the corresponding response. They demand the Chinese government take the measure to increase import quantum, in order to ameliorate the "Trade surplus". But, in fact, RMB revaluation doesn't reach the American anticipant result. Trade surplus continue increase.
    Why the Chinese product is so popular in the international market? Why all the people like Chinese product? Now, let us analyze the economic environment and political environment at home and abroad, and Chinese Social conditions.
    1.From 1979,China implemented the "reform and opening-up"policy. To External, The all-important thing is economic opening-up, implemented" nonalignment and no antagonize"neighborly international policy. At home, reformed impeding economic development policy. China, as a friend, not only hold together the American, Japan, Germany, France economic field, and that establish the friendship with the Southeast Asia, African, South America countries. One country, no war in several decades, just develop economic in undivided attention, How can it not be welcomed by all the other countries?
    2.Chinese people are very friendly: Chinese people welcome all the foreigners who come to china, as the business partner. You should never worry about the violence and the cheat in china. There is no abduct, no gun-killer, no bomb, no terror raid in this peaceful country. Chinese people contact the foreigner by friendly manner. They named the foreigners as "the guest from far place","foreign friends".And Chinese government, protect the foreigner carefully more than their citizen. Every Chinese know that they should do the long-term business with the foreigner. The foreigner is rich, faithful and strict on the product quality. As this point, Chinese are never shortsighted people.
    3.The foreigner can be not worry about cheat when they do the business in china. In china, the competition in many small company and factory is very drastic. They attach importance to doing business with the foreigner. They seize every opportunity carefully; do the best on the faith, product quality and proprieties. They think that export is the base for their companies, and the foreign partner is their god. So some foreign swindlers impose the opinion, cheat Chinese businessman in this few years. But, I can speak to you affirmatively,if you are a legitimate businessman, china is your best choose to do business.
    4. In china, there is no racialism, no severe religiosity. All the people, from all the country, are considered, without consider the color of the skin. Chinese deference different custom, as wear custom and food custom. The foreigner can enjoy their life in china. In the street, we can see the Moslem women in black, Moslem eatery without wine and pork and Japanese food, Korean food, western food, Russian whiskey, KFC, Mc Donalds and so on.
    5.The current Chinese society is in a state of stability and unit, no terrorism, no serious international war. The Chinese people, which is honest, good-hearted, loving labor, will want to get the better life, through their own hands, They love their country and respect the wealthy, respected the foreigners in china.
    6.The price of Chinese products is very low. Relatively economically developed countries, China's wages are very, very low, prices are very, very low, but the quality is still pretty good! After several decades of development, the quality of the labor force has been far higher than that of Viet Nam, India.
    7.Hong Kong is the free port, the best financial and logistics center and tax avoidance Center. Doing business with Chinese, need not worry about China's foreign exchange controls, not worry too high freight costs, and not worry that the high tariffs. Mainland China's large and small companies, in order to compete in the international market, open a bank account in Hong Kong. You can transfer all kinds of the money to Hong Kong bank account. There is no foreign exchange controls, no tariffs in Hong Kong. Here is the world's free port, and also a free port to the world for Chinese people, if you don't get the visa to China, you can go to Hong Kong and then invite Chinese businessman to Hong Kong and talk about the business. Other countries do not have these advantages.
    8.Doing business in China, the most important thing is a large quantity. Not afraid of your high quality requirements, the requirements of low prices, the most important thing is the order quantity must be tremendous! The most important thing is to resolve the huge labor and the employment issues. Once you need the huge production capacity, I can speak firmly: "come to China." Here, it's not only to buy the unexpected beyond ultra-low price products, but also you can find the high-quality, high-standard products as your requirements.
    9.You can place a sample order when you want to start to do business in china. After you check the product quality and productivity, place the big order. This is trade rules in China and all the country in the world!


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