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- P.1 Como lidar com a transfer¨oncia Strass motivos e ferro não ¨| BOM
- P.2 Como as m¨¢quinas para trabalhar com Strass
- P.3 O que ¨| o Strass m¨¢quina?O que ¨| o hotfix foto m¨¢quina?
- P.4 OS Strass Ambiental, que Elementos devem ser testados?
- P.5 OS m¨|todos de julgamento SEM Chumbo Strass
- P.6 Que dificuldades são SEM Chumbo Strass face Agora?
- P.7 As dificuldades do Rhinestone SEM Chumbo e soluções
- P.8 Que caracter¨asticas Na superf¨acie de Cristal SEM Chumbo?
How to be best manufacture of hotfix motifs

The best manufacture of hotfix motifs

Manufacture details:
1. The choice of material:
Remove the unqualified rhinestones, such as non-glue, broken, color mixed, impurities, etc.
2. Careful and accurate production:
Careful is very essential in procedure of manufacture, if not, it will waste much time in check step. So we will spend more time than other careless manufacturers, to check out if there are missing blanks, wrong site, any fold of tape.

3. Inspeciton:
We will check out each hot fix motifs, to make sure that there are no missing, wrong, and broken rhinestones. This is very important step for us.

  First, check out the motifs whether they are neat, or not. Then, check out if there still any rhinestone fail to iron on the cloth, if yes, find out the reason, non-glue or the temperature and pressure is not enough, etc. Lastly, solve the problems and correct them immediately.
  Because of manual production, it is inevitable to occur missing, wrong, non-glue. Another reason to occur this situation is that the different material of cloths and textile, and temperature and pressure during scalding. But we still can manufacture the good hot fix motifs after many inspections.
  Yaxing hot fix rhinestones & motifs ltd., is not only the researcher and designer in hot fix motifs industrial, but we are also the maker of standard in this industrial. Our social responsibility, are that, analysis and catch the correct trend. We always understand the relationship between it and our company's interest.

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