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- P.1 Como lidar com a transfer¨oncia Strass motivos e ferro não ¨| BOM
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Name: color sheet of lead free rhinestones ID: 11202
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 ss-4 ss-6   ss-8 ss-10  ss-12  ss-16  ss-20  ss-30  ss-34 
1.40mm  1.90mm  2.30mm  2.70mm  3.05mm  3.70mm  4.80mm  6.10mm  7.30mm 
























 Crystal AB

Jet hematite

 Iron hematite#2

 Siam AB

Orange AB

Topaz AB

Peridot AB

 Emerald AB

Aquamarine AB

 Sapphire AB

Amethyst AB

Lt.Pink AB







 Jonquil AB

lead free rhinestone, rhinestud and nailhead of Color sheet for free
The color sheet of lead free rhinestones, rhinestuds, nailhead, and epoxy resin, are all on free now. Considering about hot season of these products, purchase in advance can occupy the international market first.

 size  GROSS/bag  pcs/bag
 ss6  1000GROSS  144000PCS
 ss10  500GROSS  72000PCS
 ss16  200GROSS  28800PCS
 ss20  100GROSS  14400PCS
 ss30  50GROSS  7200PCS

lead free crystal hot fix size:
ss6 ss10 ss16 ss20 ss30(these are normal size,if you want the special size,feel free to contact me,thanks)

unleaded crystal hot fix quality:higher than korea crystal hot fix.

Supply samples of lead free rhinestone, rhinestud and nailhead for free
The samples of lead free /non-lead/leadless/ rhinestones are free for crystal one, as for colored ones, we will refund full payment if failed to inspection. Our lead free rhinestones have passed series inspection of environmental protection in some areas such as European and American children��s apparel, adult��s garment, and underwear, etc. They are applied widely in large and middle-size foreign supermarket. We can offer the ITS&SGS authoritative inspection reports.

Environmental Hot Fix Rhinestones

    Lead and Cadmium content depends whether the Hot Fix rhinestone is environmental or not. Though, general speaking, it is not ideal in hardness and brightness unless the rhinestone contains some Lead inside. Meanwhile, distinct cut edges and corners will be depended on the high hardness of Rhinestones. So we usually add Lead in traditional smelting of glass material to achieve high hardness.
    In case of that, there is a conflict that, amongst in environmental, brightness, hardness, and lead content.
    Environmental problems appeal a lot all the time. Recently, some of western countries promulgate new law. Lead content over limited rule will be forbidden to import by their customs.
    Absolutely, the issue of environmental protection is no longer a problem concerning about someone, a responsibility of some others, but it becomes a mandatory requirement.
    So if you want to export hot fix rhinestones and motifs to western countries, the environmental inspection is essential.
    As for hot fix rhinestones exporting, we should aware of that environmental protection is a mandatory requirement. If not, the goods withhold by custom will caused in more loss, so it is not wise to just considering of the cheaper.
    As a leader of hot fix rhinestones and motifs manufacturer, Guangzhou Yaxing hot rhinestone&fix co. Ltd, passed environmental inspection of products in first.
    1.Compare with environmental rhinestones, our price is not higher, as same as common one.
    2. The Lead content of our environmental rhinestones is less than 90ppm, some individuals no more than 100ppm.
   With flat bottom, clear cutting side, distinct edges and corners, Yaxing environmental rhinestone shows a unique special and natural feeling. Our leading of domestic technology make our quality and technical production stunning in the world.
    Yaxing environmental rhinestones withstand any environmental test. The symmetry size, Stable quality, Low defective rate, Ultra-low price, what are you waiting for? Welcome to order now.


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Nuestra f醔rica en Guangzhou, China, que principalmente se produce sin plomo circunstancia transfer rhinestone.

 Nuestra f醔rica tiene una superficie de m醩 de 2000 metros cuadrados, m醩 de 1600 trabajadores.La calitad de nuestros productos son muy bien. El precio es 30% del precio de mercado. Si nuestro producto tiene alguna pregunta, vamos a asumir la plena responsabilidad.


  Yaxing razones para elegir: Buena calidad y bajos precios, alta credibilidad, Los productos son de producci髇 propia.


  Honesta es M醩 precioso que el oro,sincera es m醩 brillante que el diamante

  Otros nombres del productos:medio ambiente Transfer Rhinestone.

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Bienvenido al contacto en Cant髇 China Yaxing:


Email: ;

TEL: 0086-20-89014402-603

Sitio Web: ;



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