E.21 What is the standard packing of hot fix lead free rhinestone
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E.21 What is the standard packing of hot fix lead free rhinestone


[the standard packing of hot fix lead free rhinestone]


What is the standard packing of hot fix lead free rhinestone? What are the sizes with different packing?

Question: What is the standard packing of hot fix lead free rhinestone? What are the sizes with different packing?

Answer:The packing quantity of all colors hot fix lead free rhinestone as below:

SS4 1000Gross 1.5mm

SS6 1000Gross 2mm

SS8 800 Gross 2.5mm

SS10 500Gross 3mm

SS12 400Gross 4mm

SS16 200Gross 5mm

SS20 100Gross 6mm

SS30 50 Gross 7mm

SS34 25 Gross 8mm

SS means size,1 gross = 144 pieces

Special tips: The size is bottom diameter,but not the top diameter of rhinestone. It is a false statement of 1mm rhinestone.

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