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Citrine round point back rhinestone
Name:Citrine round point back rhinestone
point back rhinestone black diamond ss12
Name:point back rhinestone black diamond ss12
Siam/red Factory chaton crystal
Name:Siam/red Factory chaton crystal
China supplier Rose ss12 pointback stone
Name:China supplier Rose ss12 pointback stone
China factory black point back glass rhinestone
Name:China factory black point back glass rhinestone
China wholesale Emerald point back crystal
Name:China wholesale Emerald point back crystal
Sun/Hyacinth pp24 rhinestone glass chaton
Name:Sun/Hyacinth pp24 rhinestone glass chaton
Lt.Rose Glass chaton wholesale
Name:Lt.Rose Glass chaton wholesale
PP24 aquamarine Glass point back rhinestone
Name:PP24 aquamarine Glass point back rhinestone
Shiny SS12 Peridot glass rhinestone point back
Name:Shiny SS12 Peridot glass rhinestone point back
YAX pp24 crystal point back rhinestone
Name:YAX pp24 crystal point back rhinestone
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Lt.Rose Glass chaton wholesale
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China YAX swainstone rhinestone transfer Official web

Lt.Rose Glass chaton wholesale

   Lt.Rose Glass chaton wholesale

-------The proper function of man is to live,but not to exist


*Diamond adds the fun to our life by bringing fashion and beauty into an amazing 

  and charming world.


*Diamond arouses our emotion,inspires and nourishes art and culture.


*Fashion,twinkle,shining,exaggeration,eye-catching design,getting rid of

  tradition,fashion pursuit,elegance,beauty,glittering like the stars,perfection...




Product Description ----------


Lt.Rose Glass chaton wholesale






Loose rhinestone


Point back




SS12 / PP24

Original Place

Guangzhou China 


Machine cut


5 bags




Product Picture ----------

Glass Point Back Rhinestone [ Lt.rose color ] 


Advantage ----------

Cut:Machine Cut, very clear and shiny appearance.

Bottom: Gold color, uniform coverage

Price:Factory directly sell, very cheap price 



Color Chart ----------







Size / Package  ----------




Shipping Term ----------

Please let us know Your DETAIL ADDRESS, POSTCODE, FULL NAME, CONTACT PHONE NUMBER, and VAT if you have , so that we can check the shipping charge for you.

We will make delivery within 3-6 days once confirming your payment, and tell you the tracking number for your track goods

DHL,UPS,EMS,TNT,SF,BY SEA ,BY AIR or you can chose your own shipper to ship goods . If you want by other ship way or you have your own Express Account are acceptable .


Payment Term ----------

PAYPAL, WESTERN UNION, TT are accetable. 

*Paypal can confirm your payment right away once you pay it , and you can  take action on paypal if you found the goods not same as we said.

*Western Union can confirm your payment after 2 hours once you pay it. with less ha, ndling fee than paypal fee.

*T/T will need 3-7 days to confirm your payment once you pay it , it will be different with different country. Suit for large amount transfer. 



Samples Show ----------











Rhinestone point back is one kind of new item for garment accessories.

Rhinestone point back is widely used on garment, shoes, buckles, bags, decoration,jewellery,nail arts etc.

Rhinestone point back  has very clear cut, and with uniform bottom gold foiling.

Rhinestone point back price is low and competitive.



About  culet diamond

Culet diamond is absolutely becoming the current fashion theme as a carrier of aesthetic needs and sublimation of value. It is only widely used in industrial area like clothes, shoes, hats and so on but also covered in many prosperous traditional areas. Diamond is most widely used for decoration which can be inserted in female鈥檚 jewelry .Certainly the diamond inserted range has been expanded by current market development. Diamond is already be inserted in electronic product and living product like clothes, zip, mobile, cup, mp3, pen .Diamond is be used in people鈥檚 nail which beautifying the finger and be accepted by customers at present. People regarded diamond as a sort of industrial material in the past years .It鈥檚 value is just adding the decorative elements for clothes, shoes and hats and so on. The application fields and space of diamond have broken the edge of tradition industry chain and walk into the endless space with the evolution and development of diamond material technology, production art and color, pattern.


There is a difference between culet diamond and hotfix rhinestone .Namely, no glue on back for culet diamond; it should be coated by transparent film or pearl film before usage and painted by a little glue or put AB glue on the wrap. China A diamond, man-made material (glass) contains 12 cutting facets (9big facets and 3 small facets) which lead to brilliant and shining expression.


Crafts and Description 

Melting raw material 鈫扥vules forming 鈫 Burr drilling 鈫 washing  鈫 detecting 鈫扴ieving 鈫扴uction film鈫 electroless plating 鈫抯tripping 鈫抴ashing 鈫抎etecting 鈫抪acking


Product Categories

1) According to Color: crystal diamond, general color diamond, special color diamond, color AB diamond.

2) According to shape: general diamond, shaped diamond





YAX Team ----------    





Lt.Rose Glass chaton wholesale

Lt.Rose Glass chaton wholesale

We are china professional manufacturer of Lt.Rose Glass chaton wholesale,we produce and wholesale Lt.Rose Glass chaton wholesale with china factory price,beausce our factory is own,we supply Lt.Rose Glass chaton wholesale in own shop in guangzhou china.we have Lt.Rose Glass chaton wholesale sample free sent to you,color sheet or color chart or color catalog free to you!Lt.Rose Glass chaton wholesale is cheap price beausce made in china

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