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China YAX hotfix motifs manufacturer,factory price.

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Welcome to China HK YAX LTD,.
China YAX Hot Fix Rhinestone Motif factory is located in GZ China,which is established in 2006.
We are a professional leading manufacturer and exporter of hotfix rhinestone motif. Hot fix strass motifs are our hot sale items.Our hotfix motif transfers and hot fix rhinestones have been sold all over the word.
We are China factory of hot fix rhinestone transfers,so we can offer very attractive price of hot fix motif transfers and control the whole production progress of iron on rhinestone motif. Each piece of iron on rhinestone pattern need to be double QC before shipment. our hotfix rhinestone designs are Vacuum pack,it can protect iron on rhinestone designs to be perfect after long-distance shipping.hot fix rhinestone design samples are available before bulk hotfix rhinestone patterns production.
Hotfix rhinestone transfer designs material have many types for your choices,such as hotfix rhinestones,hot fix studs,hot fix copper,hot fix nailheads,hot fix half round pearls,hot fix sequins etc.Senior designer help you design rhinestone motif transfer,custom rhinestone motif hot fix is welcome.Professional sales team for your hotfix motif transfer service of pre-sales and after sale.
Welcome contact us if you have any demands of hot fix rhinestones and hot fix motif designs .

Tel:+862084283539 E-mail: wendy@hkyax.com
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