YAX Hot fix rhinestone and motif factory
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 rhinestone transfer
 Lead free Rhinestone
 Hot fix motif production
 rhinestone transfer designs
 chaton rhinestone
 ceramic rhinestone pearl
 rhinestone tape & machine
 iron on nailhead
 Non hotfix flat back stone
 rhinestud-half ball-copper
 Resinous rhinestones
 cup chain rhinestone trimming
 rhinestone patch
 Lace fabric
 embroidery patch
 Rhinestone Embellishment
 neck trimmings
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YAX Hot fix rhinestone and motif factory


YAX Hot fix rhinestone and motif factory

  We are the professional factory of hot fix rhinestone and motif from Guangzhou, China. Our motif is processed by hotfix rhinestone, rhinestud,nailhead,resinous rhinestones.Low price, high quality and good reputation are our advantages. And quoting the price online is our unique feature.(MSN:zwb-2008@hotmail.com).

Introduction of Yaxing motifs production:

  1).Ultra-low price,only 30% of market price.
  Our motifs factory is located in Guangzhou, China. As everyone knows, China owns huge cheap labor forces, which is most suitable for motifs production, as this industry need thousands of cheap labor forces to keep low price and competitive power.From this point, it is certainly your best choice to purchase motifs in China. Besides, we are a huge factory with more than 2,000 square and 1,600 workers, the motif price can be controlled to only 30% market price. And the processing charge of motifs is just USD0.73 per ten thousand piece. To be frank, we create a new record at a ultra-low price. Also fast production is our another advantage.

  2).High quality:
  we promise, we will be responsible for any quality problems.
  Guangzhou Yaxing motif factory is a large-scale factory. Our production flow of motif is extremely strict. By adopting computer to set up type, rhinestone is accurately oriented in hotfix tape, no shift, no turnover and no defect. More details pls enter our website to browse the video: http://hotfixrhinestone.net/about.asp

  3).Unique undistorted package:
  harden cardboard at corner and around sides, with vacuum shrink film outside, last packed in carton.
Packing details :http://hotfixrhinestone.net/views.asp?hw_id=10517&class_id=81&sort_id=266&nsort_id=0

  4).Good reputation:
  We always believe, good enterprise credit can obtain good public praise;good enterprise is the soul to become a century-old shop. Now our customers are from different countries and areas like Europe, Middle East, Southeast Asia,America,Brazil, etc.Even some of customers we are cooparating is more than 12 years. It is just our reputation to gain their support.

  5).The best design of motif:
  As a large size enterprise, we established independent R&D department.Our professional designers are ready to serve you at any time. As long as you give us the detailed information like size, they can provide you the best motif design. What's more, there are a lot of motif pictures showing in our website. Click the link below, maybe you can get more ideas and designs:http: //hotfixrhinestone.net/productlist.asp?class_id=88

  6).Excellent service of quoting price online:
  As long as you provide us below informatino in details, such as the used rhinestone's quality,color, specification,quantity and the size of motif. We promise to quote the price live. Why don't have a try: MSN:zwb-2008@hotmail.com

  7).Environmental rhinestones and SGS certificate:
  We can supply environmental rhinestones meet with the standard of American and European Law. Our lead-free rhinestones have got SGS certificate, which lead and cadmium content is less than 1ppm.

Strong matches strong,select Yaxing-achieve your future!



PAYPAL PAYMENT: pay after you satisfied with goods!

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