Western Union advantages
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Western Union advantages..  
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Western Union advantages


Western union advantages

1. Reliable

Western each remittance obtains unites the company whole world electron security systerm鈥檚 safeguard,has the same time one "the operation password" and "the optional password" makes the checking,guaranteed that your remittance first time fully-paid assigns to receive money in the manpower.west every year the whole world has the human who million counts use unites the remittance.


The remittance procecure may complete in several minutes.West unites the remittance to use the global computer network which the most advanced electronic technology and is in sole possession,immediately in 186 national processing remittance. You after the Chinese postal service generation handles west unites the remittance procedure,merely several minutes later,You assign the payee then may arrive at west whole world any to practice the remittance to manage the aspect to receive the rimittance.


West inites remittance agency colth the world,including the post office,the bank,the pharmacy,the retail shop,the supermarket,the junction station,the airport and so on,altaogether has more 20 ten thousand,is the world scale biggest remittance network.


Second ,west unites the remittance fees

(1) Collects is an exception (concretely toward africa west of unites system of standard)

   Sends collects the amount(USD)               Handling charge(USD)
Below 500 USD     15.00 USD
500.01-1000.00 USD     20.00 USD
1000.01-2000.00 USD     25.00 USD

(2)Collects (concrete west of unites system toward the american country international express remittance fee for standard)

Remmittance amount (USD) Handling charge (USD)  
Below 50 USD  13.00 USD
50.01-100.00 USD    14.00 USD
100.01-200.00 USD 21.00 USD
200.01-300.000 USD    27.00 USD
300.01-400.00 USD 32.00 USD
400.01-500.00 USD  37.00 USD
500.01-750.00 USD 42.00 USD
 750.01-1000.00 USD 47.00 USD
1000.01-1250.00 USD  55.00 USD
1250.00-1500.00 USD 60.00 USD 


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