Company Introduction
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 rhinestone transfer
 Lead free Rhinestone
 Hot fix motif production
 rhinestone transfer designs
 chaton rhinestone
 ceramic rhinestone pearl
 rhinestone tape & machine
 iron on nailhead
 glue on stone & sew on strass
 rhinestud-half ball-copper
 Resinous rhinestones
 cup chain rhinestone trimming
 rhinestone patch
 embroidery patch
 Rhinestone Embellishment
 neck trimmings
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Company Introduction


Company Introduction

    YaXing International Enterprise locates its headquarter in Kowloon,Hongkong, with the mainland branch in Guangzhou and many factories in Guangzhou, Jinjiang,Fujian, and Zhuhai.

    Guangzhou YaXing mainly takes responsibility of doing accessories business, specialized in the manufacture and sales of hot-fix motifs&pictures, resinous rhinestones, hot-fix rhinestones, octagon hot-fix, hot-fix motif machine. YaXing is always leading domestic counterparts in the field of hot-fix motif&picture, especially expertised for dye-sublimation motif, eco-friendly motif, eco-friendly bag motif and other relevant products such as hot-fix rhinestones and hot-fix motifs.

    Since established, YaXing has been committing to the motto of "Quality is life of the enterprise",upholding the running principle of "Price is the key to make a deal", and growing healthily with the good reputation ,high quality and low price. As a renowned company in Guangdong Province, we are invited by Pearl River TV to attend the special spring-festival program themed on welcoming Olympics on January 1st ,2008.

    As a leader in this field, our company have developed the first complete body of software of motif gallery with tens thousands of motif designs offered to customers. In addition, we have also developed and owned the first "Standard bilingual color card"in the field of hot-fix rhinestones in China, as well as the first hot-fix rhinestones&motifs enterprise owning the trademark of hot-fix motif.

    YaXing sets its running idea as specialized in solving the problem for customers who have a big order, high requirements in quality and packing, and need the supporting logistics service and regular operation. We can also to be the agent for export inspection, custom-clearance, and international express. All above shows that our company is the best partner of high-quality garment producing enterprises and foreign trade enterprises.

    We believe it deeply that competitive quality, high reputation, low price, good service and timely delivery are the basis to make our company bigger and stronger as well as the basis to be a advanced and high-quality supplier in the special field of accessories. A high-quality supplier never focus on present profit, but outlook the future and value the benefits from the long-term cooperation with every business partner.

    We are a manufacturers of hot fix transfer with rhinestones, rhinestuds, nailhead, sequins in Guangzhou ,China for 9 years.

    We usually make motifs to use Korean quality materials and silicon paper(hot fix tape ). Korean quality materials mean good quality transfers ,and silicon paper is the best paper ,and adding the strong packing, after long way transportation you still can receive the best goods like we just make. Because of the good quality and competitive price, our designs are always very popular in many customers. Also our delivery time is always very quick.

    Price :Depend on materials you request .
    Packing: strong packing.

    If you need more details please feel free to contact us.

 Strongers can make you stronger, YaXing can do it!




PAYPAL PAYMENT: pay after you satisfied with goods!

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Address:1509#choice plaza south guangzhou main road,Guangzhou,china
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