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 swainstone rhinestone
 Lead free Rhinestone
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 rhinestone motif designs
 chaton rhinestone
 ceramic hotfix pearl
 rhinestone tape & machine
 Non hotfix flat back stone
 iron on nailhead
 rhinestud-half ball-copper
 Resinous rhinestones
 cup chain rhinestone trimming
 Lace fabric
- China hotfix motifs and culture
- Chinese music--happiness and luck
- Chinese music--(phoenix)secular bird
- Chinese music--jubilant
- Chinese music--An Easily Hurt Woman
- Chinese music--Enter The New Age
- Chinese music--A gan story
- Chinese music--love dedication
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hotfix Rhinestuds Color sheet card
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hotfix Rhinestuds Color sheet card
Name:hotfix Rhinestuds Color sheet card
Rhinestud Price list
Name:Rhinestud Price list
Rhinestuds Packing details
Name:Rhinestuds Packing details
Rhinestud color sheet
Name:Rhinestud color sheet
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hotfix Rhinestuds Color sheet card
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hotfix Rhinestuds Color sheet card

Hotfix Rhinestuds
Rhinestuds SIZE
72,000 PCS
28,800 PCS
14,400 PCS
7,200 PCS

We are China Rhinestuds a professional manufacturer & Suppliers. We have factory have firm adherence. We can produce many bright colors, complete order.our R鈥檚tud ultra price,but high quality.

Hot fix rhinestuds, as decorations, are applied in some areas, such as garment, hat, handbag, head-dress, etc. They make your products more special and beautiful.

We are professional manufactrure and exporter in China. Special design and fast shipping with high quality and low price make us be many clients鈥 first choice.

Recently, many counties rquest the hotfix products should be non-lead, no-cadmium, but as for hotfix rhinstuds, please don鈥檛 worry about it, because their material is aluminum, which certainly not content any lead or cadmium .


Color card,Rhinestuds Packing details,Rhinestud Price list.

High quality and Ultra price

only 30% of international market price!

ask for the catalogue and the products,pls contact us at any time锛

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Website: www.stoneshotfix.com
Email: chinahotfix@stoneshotfix.com
Msn: chinahotfix@hotmail.com

hotfix Rhinestuds Color sheet card

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