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 Yapıştırma taş Rhinestone
- Firma hizmetlerimiz hakkında
- T.1 Eğer transfer motifleri ve rhinestones iyi değil ütülenir nasıl?
- T.2 Nasıl yapay elmas iş makineleri?
- T.3 Elmas taklidi makine nedir? Düzeltme resim makine nedir?
- T.4 Ne elemanları kurşunsuz raporda test etmek gereklidir?
- T.5 kurşunsuz elmas taklidi yargı yöntemleri
- T.6 Ne zorluklar şimdi ile karşı karşıya kurşun ücretsiz rhinestones misiniz?
Quality discrimination of rhinestuds

  Why did the glue ooze or cannot be adhered to the garment when we fixed the rhinestuds?
garment manufacturers and the traders of garment accessories must read it!
  Rhinestuds,the products of aluminum, electroplate all types of color according to the demand of surface.
  In recent years,the environmental protection standard of garment accessories were requested to increase more and more in oversea market.The glistening rhinesones, Contained many heavy metal like Pb,were regarded to be sensitive to the skin, especially to children,so that caused many troubles to custom clearance again and again.The rhinestuds were popular to apply to the hotfix material step by step due to Pb-free.
  But some domestic manufacturers' Rhinestuds cannot be accepted by their low quality and price,though they gained some shares in that market by price difference of 10 or 20 yuan,but quality was the damn killer for their development.
  The normal demand of rhinestuds:
  1. Decolored issue by scrub or wash were not acceptale for multicolor rhinestuds.
  2. Can be adhered to clothing firmly, can pass the test of hand scrub and wash,can not be teared off easily.
  3. Can be fixed well without oozing glue in right parameter.

  Demand of good quality rhinestuds:
  1.Excellent shining degree,can reflect good gloss in differnet environment.It requests the good technique of electroplating.In fact the color of rhinestuds were made by electroplating, so it is the key technique to adjust the color.
    To the low quality of rhinestuds, the technique of color adjusting was very bad, it seems that the simple and dim gloss, Furthermore low quality of electroplating effect can lead to the decolored phenomenon by simply scrubing and washing.so much as the serious consequence like polluting the clothing.

  2.The pressed faces of rhinestuds need to be glazed/smooth,how to make an elaborating angles of rhinstuds depend on not only the good quality manufacture equipments but also the quality of aluminum material were good or not. To domestic low quality rhinestuds, irregularity is the serious problem,such as the direction was deflected to the same and uneven position.Because of bad quality of aluminum material,some phenomenon happened:
    1.The miter joint of top and other surface was borken;
    2.After pressed process, it leaded to a circle in the connected surface;
    3.It is easy to see the obviouse extended part on the eight surfaces,the feeling is --roughness.

  3.It demands spreading the glue on average.to the low quality rhinestuds,some manufacturers smeared much glue inside the rhinestuds to solve the problem that cannot be adhered to the clothing.In fact , there were too much glue more than the Min capacity of the rhinestuds, so according to the working principle of hotfix,hotfix glue was melting and expanding after high temp erature to adhere firmly to the garment by soaking into the fabric of garment.
    so the reasons of oozing the glue were because:
    1.Quality problem of gule;
    2.Much glue inside the rhinestuds, after hotfix glue was heated and expanded,the glue can but ooze to other parts after the glue were soaked into the fabric and beyond the capacity of it.
    3.The penetrability of the clothing is very bad.
    4.Irregular rhinestuds, the hotfix glue was oozing out from the irregular side after heated process.
    5.too high temperature and short fixing time.It is different way to process between the rhinestuds and rhinestones.The rhinestuds were made of aluminum and spreading the heat with high speed.If too high temperature,the glue will expand rapidly and cause the air bladder happen.The glue can only ooze out aroud the crack between the rhinestuds and clothing.
   Demand no transformation after pressed process.Good rhinestuds were hard to find the defective or deformation one, there were average in whole.
   In general, we need know:how to make the excellent rhinestuds depend on not only a simple set of stamping mould but also refer to these:
   1.Good quality aluminum material;
   2.Excellent electroplateing tec(including the original powder and key tecnique);
   3.Excellent manufacture technique(pressed technique,gluing,mould);

   In one word:the price of products is the  mirror of the value, more value, more attention!So that is an old saying:You get what you pay for!The price of low quality rhinestuds is more or less 10-20yuan/bag,but the good quality needs 100yuan/bag or more,was 10-30 times as the low quality goods!
  Guangzhou Yax motifs,is a professional manufacturer of hotfix motifs,and trade company of garment,We have abundunt experience at purchasing the right raw material.Our many suggestions have provided the important and beneficial referrence to domestic manufacturers in improving the technique.Our requirements of improvement have enhanced some manufacturers'work technique and quality standard of products.Certainly their competitiveness have been strengthened and benefited from us!



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