The guider of hotfix motifs
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 rhinestone transfer
 Lead free Rhinestone
 Hot fix motif production
 rhinestone transfer designs
 chaton rhinestone
 ceramic rhinestone pearl
 rhinestone tape & machine
 iron on nailhead
 glue on stone & sew on strass
 rhinestud-half ball-copper
 Resinous rhinestones
 cup chain rhinestone trimming
 rhinestone patch
 embroidery patch
 Rhinestone Embellishment
 neck trimmings
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The guider of hotfix motifs

The guider of hotfix motifs
  If you are manufacture of garment, and prepare to decorate your products with

motifs, then, the below related motifs is absolutely to read and pay attention to do

it,do it, you can make the perfect products of motifs!

       YAX motif decoration engaged in designing photo/making sample/OEM/hotfix

clothing/slice, flake of shoes for manufactures of garment, shoes, gift. We adopted

the high quality material to make the mould with CAD and laser methods, working

carefully and packing safely, transportation with insurrance,all above these

operations were to be sure the same effection between the products of motifs and the

photo of design.

        Motifs, as a decoration, can increase the value and elegance of clothings, but low

quality of productions, such as deflection of logo/discoloration of material/broken

or lost material, can lead to the oppsite effection. it will effect the reputaion

and financial income of enterprise, Therefor we introduce some relevant informations

of motifs to the users with prudential attitude!

  Effect factor of motifs:
  1.The quality of rhinestones and nailhead;
  2.Quality of hotfix tapes;
  3.method of making mould;
  4.the precision of manufacture;
  5.method of packing;
  6.method of transportation;
  7.method of hotfix 8 inspection.

  A.quality discrimination of hotfix rhinestones and nailhead:

  Mainly ways of discrimination:
  1.light degree. High quality to good shining degree, low quality to dim effecion.

  2.chromatism:pure color to high quality , serious chromatism to low quality.   

  3.size:same thickness and diameter to high quality;  different diameter and

thickness to low quality;

  4.glue in the bottom:the same color and average thin glue to high quality;thick

and irregular glue with different light degree to low quality.even more without the

glue in the bottom.according to the effction of hotfix clothing,it is hard to drop

off for good glue in bottom. to the low quality glue in bottom, it is easy to drop

off especially touch the water!

    Now,there are 3 kinds of hotfix nailhead in market:No.1 importNo. 2 domesticNo. 3,

between above two kinds(manufacture in mainland with oversea material or manufacture in oversea with domestic material),To compare these hotfix nailheads, the import is

best,No3 is better, No2 is common.the state management did not inspect these

products because there are different technique standard of manufacture in different

factories,so the manufacturers and distributors set different standard according to

compare with different competitors and the purchaing price of products or business

demand,the result is to be hard to discriminate the quality and price of hotfix

nailhead in market.

  B.hotfix tape:
  There are two kinds of hotfix tapes in market:white and yellow. the white can

classify 3 kinds:thick grain,mid grain,thin grain.
  Generally speaking,the rhinestiones were hard to deflect because of the grain in

bottom of the white hotfix yellow tape,the glutinosity is good to hotfix

rhinestones as its'smooth bottom tape. therefore. we need to choos the right hotfix

tapes according to the hotfix material of motifs.

  C.Making mould:
  Making mould is the key to hotfix motifs,the shape is depending on mould.two

methos of making mould:1.CAD with laser(CNCengravingmachine and laser machine),can

make it according to the photo of sample, good precision but high cost. 

  D. Process:
  There are two processes by hand:simple process and precise process. simple process

is to manufacture simply  according to the sample or material without careful

inspection; the precise process is to manufature with careful inspection and high

standard technique. to make sure of no defectives such as chromatism/broken/without

glue... to make sure the products is the same to the sample or photo.To compare with

them,the time of making 3 hotfix motifs by simple process is equal to make 2 motifs

by precise pricess only.

  E. package:
  Outer package is to pack with plastic vacuum-paper and carton;Inner package is to

pack with newspaper normally,it needs right pieces and elasticity.the package of

long-distance transportation needs to nip with hard paper or pack it around with

cardboard around,the operation will make the motifs and rhinstones in right


  The transportation of hotfix motifs need to be protected specially,such as:to take

it on and down slowly,donot crash or press it,long-distance transportation with

insurrance,the above operations can make sure the motifs were putted at right


  G. The method of hotfix:
  Hotfix motifs have many methods such as steam,hotfix machine,electric iron. 

Generally speaking, to make a good hotfix motif is the combination with

temperature,time and pressure.hotfix flake(rhinestuds,nailheads)melting point is 140

degree Celsius,the temperature requirement of domestic rhinestones is about 140

degree Ce; the requirement of imported rhinestones is about 160??200 degree ce,the

heated temperature of bigger diameter was higher than the smaller.

  The reason why cannot adhere to garment is not enough heat,so it needs to increase

temperature;the oozing glue is because of high temperature and need to adjust to low

heat; According to the actual situation the process time is about 10??15 second, the

right pressure is up to the actual fabric. Normally we can heat directly the skin of

the hotfix motif ,thin material can be heated on the surface of fabric,(it is

inadvisable to heat directly the suface of fabric with hotfix flake) , the heated 

temperature of thin material is lower than thick the uneven thickness

clothing and irregular hotfix flake need the flexible layer.bigger pressure is

helpful to fix it well, the key noteworthiness is : to fix the color rhinestones and

rhinestuds in white clothing with steam is easy to dye it , it can only take the

other way, Because except the yellow and white hotfix flakes,the others will decolor

! certainly it is hard to identify deep color clothing. hot fix motif for printed

clothing require  the printing design should be setted a right hole position for the

hotfix flakes,the operation can make it well otherwise the flakes will drop off


  H.Inspection and acceptance:
  check and inspect it during the purchasing and manufacturing. all these hotfix

motifs made of rhinestones(including import) will appear the phenomenon like:

chromatism/broken material/without glue/variable position/lack of the hotfix

material in logo. There fore we must check and correct it before fixing it in

clothing .how to spect it after production:

  The first is check it is done or not, if the phenomenon that many rhinestones did

not be fixed well happened, you can increase the heat temperature and extend the

fixing time,then it can make it with bigger pressure! if phenomenon that is just

individual unfixed rhinestones happened, change another right one and nip it by

clip, then put it on the clothing after heating and melting by lighter or hotfix

machine ,just press it quickly.

  The second is to scrape the done hotfix motifs with proper strength  by hand , if

the rhinestones cannot be scraped to drop,it meaned that is done for rhinestones; if

the rhinesones moved , that meaned you need to make it again because the unfixed


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  why we can make it better? because we are professional! so we can make sure the

quality of the productions. We are professional because we are focusing on good

service! Yax decoration----expert of high grade decoration! decorate the life by

cluture! lead the trend of times, set down the standard of industy!



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