Crystal song
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 rhinestone transfer
 Lead free Rhinestone
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 rhinestone transfer designs
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 ceramic rhinestone pearl
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Crystal song

Crystal song

  Early morning,a ray of sunshine passed through the dense forest,and caressed the murmuring brook.
  The stream with cheerful songs,passed  woods,crossed the fields,traversed prairie,and reached the legendary Danube.
   Alongside the beautiful Danube, the tribe leader with his people were bowing to the colorful crystal fairy with highest respect.

  Crystal the fairy beloved by nature.
  Mighty Lord
  This is the gospel you brought to our people.You offer gem and power to us and guide us to explore the secrets of the universe.

  A mysterious combination between water and stones as you are.
  A cross shedding of light and shadow as you make.
  For your dazzling beauty there is no way to resist. 
  You are a colorful dream that appears in the summer sky.
  You are the angel from nature to purify the souls of human being.
  You are the fairy of light and shade.

  How time flies!crystal,gorgeous fairy,has been the symbol of the world  grade,modern apparel accessories.

  YAX SWAINSTONE decorates your life with culture;demonstrates your character with taste. 
  YAX with a unique designing concept,compromises the beauty of nature and modern metropolitan civilization.
  Let fashion spirit sail in the ocean of crystal.


Difference between crystal and glass

 Crystal is a kind of very popular gem. In ancient times, it was called "water essence", which meant the essence of water, and it was also called "Water Jade", "Ancient Ice", "God Stone ", "Sparkle Stone" and so on. The famous ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle also believed that the crystal was gradually evolved from the ice. In fact, crystal is silica (SiO2), in which there is no internal connection with water or ice. It is usually colorless and transparent, but it can show different colors, such as purple, yellow, smoke gray and so on, when there are Fe compounds in the crystal. When the crystal contains the fiber or needle mineral arranged in a certain direction, it can be processed into "crystal eye stone" or "star crystal" or "raw crystal". If it is covered with water, it may become "water bile crystal".

 Crystal and glass are very similar in appearance, but they are completely different substances. The main differences are five aspects as the following:

 First: the difference in raw material

 crystal is crystal of silica, while glass is a molten mixture of silica.

 Second: the difference in function

 Glass is used for decoration effects, but besides decoration effects, crystal can be used for piezoelectric effects and special health care effects.

 Third: the difference in price The unit price of crystal is several times or even dozens of times higher than that of glass.

 Fourth: the difference in physical nature

 1, crystal is a crystalline body. The hardness of crystal is high (Mohs 7), and for glass this is low (Mohs 5.5). Crystal can be scratched by glass, while glass could not be scratched by crystal.

 2, crystal is a crystalline body. The thermal conductivity of crystal is good. The tongue tip can feel cold when touching the crystal, but for glass tongue tip can feel not too cold.

 3, the light can penetrate in the crystal, but for glass this doesn鈥檛 take place, as is distinguished by polarizer. We can easily distinguish between crystal and glass on the base of their different physical nature.

 Fifth: the difference in manufacture technology

 Glass can be hot cast with low cost, but crystal can鈥檛 be reversed after heating and melting, so crystal can鈥檛 be processed by hot casting molding method. Only cold process can be used for cutting and grinding, as results in requiring more material, labor, and high value. Crystal hardness is high, and not easy to wear. Glass hardness is low, and easy to rub and get hair lines. Crystal stability is good, and it is not easy to change color after long-term use, but glass tends to turn yellow.

 The ways to identify the real crystal

(1)observation: natural crystal is often affected by the environment in the formation of the process. It always contains some impurities, so you can see the light uniform fine horizontal pattern or willow flocculent material when facing the sunshine. The false crystal is made from the residual crystal slag and melting glass slag. It doesn鈥檛 contain uniform stripes and willow flocculent material after polishing process and color imitation.

(2) Tongue licking: even in the dog days of hot summer, the tongue can feel cold and cool when licking the natural crystal surface. For false crystal, the tongue doesn鈥檛 feel cool.

(3)Light: natural vertical crystal can release a beautiful brilliance from any Angle under the sunshine, but fake crystal doesn鈥檛 take place.

(4) hardness: because hardness of natural crystal is high, the jewelry doesn鈥檛 show any mark with being cut gently by a gravel; if there is a mark, this is a false crystal.

(5) Check with the polarizer: natural crystal shows four light and four dark changes after rotation at 360 degrees in the polarizer, but false crystal doesn鈥檛 show any changes.

(6)Two color check: natural amethyst shows dichroism, false crystal doesn鈥檛.

(7)Check with a magnifying glass: if bubble can be found by examination with a ten times magnifying glass under the transmitted light, this is a false crystal.

(8) Check with a hair: when a hair is put on a crystal, two hair shadows can be visible through the crystal, and this is a natural crystal, because the crystal contains birefringence.

(9) Detection with thermal conductivity: when the thermal conductivity is adjusted to test gems at green 4, for natural crystal it can rise to yellow 2, but the false crystal doesn鈥榯. It can only rise to yellow 1 when the area of the false crystal is large.

Full Lead Crystal

 Those with not less than 24% lead are called full lead crystals, while those with less than 24% are called lead crystal. The advantage with lead is for heavy crystal, which makes them feel better, more transparent, clearer, and brighter; The shortage with lead can make it soft and easy to grind, so not the more lead, and the better. But modern people pay more and more attention to the concept of environmental protection, so the environmental protection elements has also been included in the production of crystal glass. The newly launched lead-free and barium-free crystal glass is extremely elastic and particularly crystal clear, which is twice higher than the general crystal glass on safety. Crystal and translucent crystal glass products contain very fine workmanship, and it can bring incomparable joy for its brilliant crystal light, streamlined design, crystal texture and sound for your vision, hearing, taste, touch senses. You can buy them for decoration, serve as daily articles, and they can become a good help in life. If you have a set of colorful champagne cups, for example colored painting, transparent, and monochrome, for a cup of juice in summertime, you must feel completely cool. To prepare a few transparent seasoning bottles with a clear charm, tall, fat and thin, even without seasonings, and only for decoration, is also very charming. And fragrant bottles, romantic glass ticks, and tender Japanese sake bottles... will make your summer cool with romance.



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