The essential information of using hotfix motifs
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 rhinestone transfer
 Lead free Rhinestone
 Hot fix motif production
 rhinestone transfer designs
 chaton rhinestone
 ceramic rhinestone pearl
 rhinestone tape & machine
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 Non hotfix flat back stone
 rhinestud-half ball-copper
 Resinous rhinestones
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 rhinestone patch
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 Rhinestone Embellishment
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The essential information of using hotfix motifs

   If you are a garment factory, what hotfix motifs would you like to decorate your products? The following information can help you find the answer.

   We use high-quality material, computer typesetting, laser making paterns, carefully manufacturer, special packaging, safe transportation, make the effects of hotfix motif as beautiful as the , achieve the expected results.                                      

   Hotfix motifs, as a decoration, can make apparel more beautiful, add it value; but if the quality is poor, it occurs picture distorted, color of material changed, breakage, even disappeared, which devaluated the products, moreover influences economic efficience and reputation of your company. Therefore, in an attitude of being responsible for our clients, here introduce some relevant knowledge about hotfix motifs.  

The impact elements of hotfix motifs:

1. the quality of hotfix rhinestones, rhinestuds, and nailheads;

2. the quality of hotfix tape;

3. the method of making patterns;

4. procedure of manufacture;

5. package method;

6. transport way;

7. hot iron method;

8. inspection.  

1. Distinction quality of material.

   Currently, there are imported, half-imported (OEM or ODM) and domestic material. The imported is the best, half-imported follow by, domestic is normal. Because there is not any organization of quality control, each manufacturer and distributore define the quality degree by themselves, according to the Market comparison, the purchase price, the business needs. Which leads to confuse the price and quality of hotfix material in the market.                                                  

2. Hotfix tape
   In the market, there are two colors of hotfix tape, white and yellow. The white tape can be divided into rough pattern, mid-rough and fine. Generally speaking, as the stria in bottom, the hot fix material will not distorted. As for yellow tape, its bottom is more flat, but the which glue is well. Therefore, we should choose the hotfix tape according to the hotfix material. 

3. Making pattern
   Making pattern is also a important procedure. There are two methods, one is machinery manual pattern, which only can be applied in round hotfix material, and the quality depends on the manual experience. Another is computerized pattern, which can make a perfect pattern, but the cost is expensive.
4. Production
   Production is divided into rough and fine processing, both are manual. Rough processing, as general production, is not careful enough. But for fine processing, can make the pattern as the effective design, which modify the material of wrong color mixed, broken, glue lost and site changed. Usually, it takes two-thirds time to finish a rough processing than careful one.
5. Package
   Using harden cardboard at corner and around sides, with vacuum shrink film outside, last it was packed into carton. We assure that we will take charge of it displacement during shipping.

6. Transport
   Hot fix motifs should get special protection in order not to distort during transport, such as light carry and release, no pressed, etc. If transportation with long journey, it will be insured.

7. the method of hotfix
   There are many methods to hotfix motifs, such as seam hotfix, machine hotfix, laser hotfix, electronic iron hotfix, etc. Generally speaking, the essential factors of hotfix motifs are temperature, time and pressure. The best temperature of hotfix rhinestuds and nailheads is 140 degree; As for rhinestones, domestic one needs about 140 degree, and imported ones need 160-200 degree. Usually it takes 10-15 seconds to hotfix motifs, but for special material, it is based on the actual situation. The moderately pressure is depended on the material of apparel & textile. If the material is thin, low temperature will be ok, otherwise, temperature is high. Certainly it is easy to hotfix on tidy material, but for other meterial, such as vary thickness, and different rhinestones or rhienstuds, the cushion coat with good elasticity will be essential, because of high pressure. To be reminded, it is easy to dyeing to hotfix domestic rhinestuds on white material with seam hotfix method, so you have to choose other hotfix methods. The domestics hotfix rhinestuds and nailheads is easy to loose color except white and yellow one, which is hard to find out one the colored material. For motifs on printing, you should leave a hole at the site of rhinestones or rhinestuds, otherwise, it is easy to lose.

8. check and acceptance
   It needs check before and acceptance afater hotfix. Considering about chromatic aberration, broken, no glue and site changed, check before hotfix is so important. Acceptance after hotfix, 1. to chech out if it occurs the above situation. If there is only sevral stones not to hotfix well, just heat them by lighter or fire, then press on the missing site, that will be ok. 2. We will scrape with Moderate strength on the hotfix motifs by fingers, if there is any rhinestons off the motifs, it will be ok, otherwise, it shows some stones don not hotfix well, we should rehotfix them again. In a work, make sure our motifs have high quality.

   Yaxing accessories Ltd, located in Guangzhou (the largest distributor center accessoriesof apparel & textile), have powerful advantage of resources and price. We are a professional manufacturer of hotfix motifs, for all series of factories, such as apparel, footware, hosiery, hat, etc. Warm welcome to negotiate with us. Our telephone is 0086-20-89011402-616, mobile: 0086-13538778019. Contact persone: Nike. Website: Moreover, welcome to ask our thousands of designs of hotifix motifs.



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