E.20 The Construction Explanation to The Hot fix Rhinestone
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E.20 The Construction Explanation to The Hot fix Rhinestone


[The Construction Explanation to The Hot fix Rhinestone]

The rhinestone will be formed by the artificial crystal, the reflect bottom, the painting and the melting glue four parts.

1.the cutting facet of the rhinestone:

It is made of the the SI02 artificial crystal which has the high purity and reflection.

The beginning of the melted rhinestone embryo is a little sort of grape鈥檚 shape, with the cutting, it will has the bottom&top facet, and the leaning facet.

For the well good rhinestone, which we could see the cutting facet clearly, it need to take a rather long time to do the cutting technique.

A.The lowest lever rhinestone is called no-cut stone or China B stone normally, and its finished looking is nearing the embryo, which only adopt the melting technique.

it will be also formed the up-down facet and leaning cutting facet, but the later facet will not be cut by technology, so the stones are not shine or reflective, and the cutting facet is not obvious either.

B. One cut stone: it is created because of the market demand. The quality of no cut stone is too bad, it is too dull and dark! So in order to make the rhinestone better, while saving the cost, there are a new producing way, it is to cut the big face in the bottom, which will make the stone do shinning more!

C. Two cut rhinestone.
As mentioned previously, to good quality rhinestone, double cutting facet is very important! And the Two-Cut Rhinestone and China A Stone which we mention a lot are both through cutting the big face in the button, and the small face in the top to make the stone more shinning.


2.The Reflection layer in the bottom: Being made of the high purity alloy material.


3.The painting of the rhinestone: Being painted even with the high purity painting material.


4.The rhinestone glue: Being spreading with the the melting glue even.

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