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thanfer convex stud,iron on convex stud
Name:thanfer convex stud,iron on convex stud
hotfix convex stud,hotfix convex dome
Name:hotfix convex stud,hotfix convex dome
hotfix stud copper,hotfix dome copper
Name:hotfix stud copper,hotfix dome copper
hotfix convex stud or hotfix copper dome
Name:hotfix convex stud or hotfix copper dome
List of copper,dome hotfix,copper hotfix
Name:List of copper,dome hotfix,copper hotfix
hotfix copper convex stud color
Name:hotfix copper convex stud color
convex copper hotfix dome shape and size
Name:convex copper hotfix dome shape and size
  product list >>>  rhinestud-half ball-copper  >>>  hotfix copper DOME convex  >>>  >>>convex copper hotfix dome shape and size
convex copper hotfix dome shape and size
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convex copper hotfix dome shape and size


hotfix convex or hotfix copper

shape and size:

 C001  C002  C003  C004  C005
C006 C007  C013  C014 C015
 C016 C017  C018 C019   


hotfix convex or hotfix copper


 CC01 silver  CC02 matt silver  CC03 gold  CC04 anti gold  CC05 hema tite
 CC06 copper  CC07 black  CC08 matt black  CC09 blue  CC10 white
 CC11 anti silver  CC12 red  CC13 purple  CC14 turquolse  CC15

Because specialty, so faith!
  We are a professional manufacturer of convex copper rhinestone and hot fix convex studs,located in Guangzhou,China.We mainly produce hotfix motifs,which are made up by  convex metal rhinestone,hotfix rhinestones,hot fix rhinestuds,nailhead,etc.
  Product name:
  convex metal rhinestone;hot fix convex stud;Antique convex hot fix stones;convex metal dome;Aluminum Nail head/metal convex stud;CONVEX(DURALUMIN) HOT FIX;hot fix,Convex Dome,nailhead;Hotfix Rhinestones and Stud;copper dome hot-fix;matte hotfix;copper silver;silver & copper beads;copper rhinestone;transfer copper;copper beads;iron on copper;copper strass;flatback copper dome.
  We have various types and shapes of convex copper rhinestones,which have high quality and low priced(only 30% of market price).You can see their pictures on our website(, then if you interested in them,you can contact us.
A01 A02 A03 A04 A05 A06
A07 A08 A10 A11 A12 A13
A14 A15 A16 A17 A18 A19
A20 A21 A22 A23 A24 A25
A26 A27 A28 A29 A30 A31
A32 A33 A34 A35 A36 A37
A38 A39 A40 A41 A42 A43
A44 A45 A46 A47 A48 A49
A50 A51 A52 A53 A54  
E01 E02 E03 E04 E05 E06
E07 E08 E09 E10 E11 E12
E13 E14 E15 E16 E17 E18
E19 E20 E21 E22 E23 E24

E25 E26 E27 E28 E29 E30

E31 E32 E33 E34 E35 E36

E37 E38 E39 E40 E41 E42

E43 E44 E45 E46 E47 E48

E49 E50 E51 E52 E53 E54

E55 E56 E57 E58 E59 E60

E61 E62 E63 E64 E65 E66

E67 E68 E69 E70 E71 E72

accordding to the price chart of hotfix copper,you could see that the price is lower than the metallic goods,but when you see the goods,you will found the products are the same with the metallic products,so these are apply to the shoes and chothes extensive,it's the best substitute goods for metallic products.

convex copper hotfix dome shape and size,convex copper hotfix dome shape and size,convex copper hotfix dome shape and size

1.iron on stud copper convex copper silver color Auspicious clouds

2.iron on rhinestud copper copper studs copper dome matt silver color Cyclone

3.iron on copper nailhead octagon copper dome stud Bronze color concave can dress with rhinestone

4.iron on convex metal copper studs metal studs Bronze color octagon Flat roof

5.iron on copper, copper iron on Bronze color Sun flower

6.copper transfer, iron on copper Bronze color surface of indentation

7.iron on convex transfer convex Bronze color Oval

8.copper convex iron on,iron on convex matt silver color Diamond face have X

9.dome iron on, transfer dome matt silver color Diamond

10.iron on dome copper broze color Diamond

11.copper gong convex dome iron on, stud copper stud copper iron on bronze color

12.copper gong falt roof iron on stud copper, iron on stud copper broze color

13.iron on convex copper, convex copper iron on matt silver color heart shape

14.iron on convex copper, convex copper iron on qiang black color in the hole

15.iron on convex copper hotfix rhinestud copper bronze color in the hole

16.rhinestud copper iron on, transfer rhinestud copper silver color Rabbit ears

17.rhinestud copper transfer, iron on rhinestud copper gray color Rice sieve Convex point

18.iron on nailhead copper, nailhead copper hot fix bronze color Rice sieve Convex point

19.transfer nailhead copper, nailhead copper iron on gold color Rice sieve Convex point

20.iron on dome copper, iron on nailhead copper matt silver color snow flower

21.dome copper iron on, transfer copper iron on copper skulls

22.iron on copper transfer dome, copper iron on dome copper star

23.iron on convex dome metal copper surface of star pattern

24.convex metal copper iron on brozne color surface of starfish pattern

25.iron on convex metal copper brozne color surface of windmill pattern

26.iron on convex metal copper matt silver color two Convex point 6mm

27.iron on copper metal bronze color square 8mm Flower of wealth

28.iron on copper metal bronze color square flat roof

29.iron on copper metal square tip do Indent

30.iron on copper metal square tip pyramid

31.iron on copper metal square trapezoid-trapezium-trapezia-echelon

32.iron on copper, iron on metal square tip bronze color

33.iron on copper iron on metal silver color round central concave

34.iron on copper Tip 6 cut facet

35.iron on copper Tip Conic

36.iron on copper Thread flat roof

37.iron on copper Thread tip roof

38.iron on copper Triangle 6mm and 10mm

39.iron on copper Umbrella pattern tip roof

40.iron on copper Umbrella pattern flat roof

41.iron on copper rectangle Turtle face

42.iron on copper Long stick gold

43.iron on copper Smooth Strip gray color

44.iron on copper rectangle cut facet gray color

45.iron on copper convex dome Baked black paint color

46.iron on copper convex dome bronze color

47.iron on copper convex dome Matt silver color

48.iron on copper convex dome round Qiang black color

49.iron on copper convex dome round Red copper color

50.iron on copper convex dome round gold color

51.iron on copper convex dome round silver color

52.iron on copper convex dome round surface of star pattern

convex copper hotfix dome shape and size

convex copper hotfix dome shape and size

We are china professional manufacturer of convex copper hotfix dome shape and size,we produce and wholesale convex copper hotfix dome shape and size with china factory price,beausce our factory is own,we supply convex copper hotfix dome shape and size in own shop in guangzhou china.we have convex copper hotfix dome shape and size sample free sent to you,color sheet or color chart or color catalog free to you!convex copper hotfix dome shape and size is cheap price beausce made in china

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