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YAX-D001 Tie Rhinestone Patches
Name:YAX-D001 Tie Rhinestone Patches
YAX-D002 Flower Collar Rhinestone Patches
Name:YAX-D002 Flower Collar Rhinestone Patches
YAX-D003 Half Round Collar Rhinestoen Patches
Name:YAX-D003 Half Round Collar Rhinestoen Patches
YAX-D004 Wave Resin Stone Patches
Name:YAX-D004 Wave Resin Stone Patches
YAX-D005 Metal Chain Bead Patches
Name:YAX-D005 Metal Chain Bead Patches
YAX-D006 Collar Rhinestone Patches
Name:YAX-D006 Collar Rhinestone Patches
YAX-D007 Line Crystal Patches
Name:YAX-D007 Line Crystal Patches
YAX-D012 V-neck Chaton Rhinestone Patches
Name:YAX-D012 V-neck Chaton Rhinestone Patches
YAX-D013 Wave Shape Rhinestone Patches
Name:YAX-D013 Wave Shape Rhinestone Patches
YAX-D014 Flower Resin Stone Patches
Name:YAX-D014 Flower Resin Stone Patches
YAX-D008 Peacock Tail Rhinestone Patches
Name:YAX-D008 Peacock Tail Rhinestone Patches
YAX-D009 V-Neck Chaton Rhinestone Patches
Name:YAX-D009 V-Neck Chaton Rhinestone Patches
YAX-D010 Necklace Chaton Rhinestone Patches
Name:YAX-D010 Necklace Chaton Rhinestone Patches
YAX-D011 Fashion Glass Stone Patches
Name:YAX-D011 Fashion Glass Stone Patches
YAX-D016 V-Neck Stone Patches
Name:YAX-D016 V-Neck Stone Patches
YAX-D015 Fashion Neck Leather Patches
Name:YAX-D015 Fashion Neck Leather Patches
YAX-D017 V-neck Bead Patches
Name:YAX-D017 V-neck Bead Patches
YAX-D018 Flower Lint Bead Patches
Name:YAX-D018 Flower Lint Bead Patches
YAX-D019 V-neck Lint Bead Patches
Name:YAX-D019 V-neck Lint Bead Patches
YAX-D020 V-neck Resin Stone Patches
Name:YAX-D020 V-neck Resin Stone Patches
YAX-D021 Neck Flower Patches
Name:YAX-D021 Neck Flower Patches
YAX-D023 Collar Strass Patches
Name:YAX-D023 Collar Strass Patches
YAX-D024 Fashion Neck Bead Patches
Name:YAX-D024 Fashion Neck Bead Patches
YAX-D022 V-neck Bead Patches
Name:YAX-D022 V-neck Bead Patches
YAX-D025 Collar Rhinestone Patches
Name:YAX-D025 Collar Rhinestone Patches
YAX-D026 Flower Leather Bead Patches
Name:YAX-D026 Flower Leather Bead Patches
YAX-D027 Flower Rhinestone Patches
Name:YAX-D027 Flower Rhinestone Patches
YAX-D028 V-neck Rhinestone Patches
Name:YAX-D028 V-neck Rhinestone Patches
YAX-D029 Rhinestone Patches for Collar
Name:YAX-D029 Rhinestone Patches for Collar
YAX-D030 Wholesale Rhinestone Patches
Name:YAX-D030 Wholesale Rhinestone Patches
YAX-D031 Fashion Rhinestone Patches
Name:YAX-D031 Fashion Rhinestone Patches
YAX-D032 Hot Fix Rhinestone Patches
Name:YAX-D032 Hot Fix Rhinestone Patches
YAX-D033 Rhinestone Beaded Patches
Name:YAX-D033 Rhinestone Beaded Patches
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YAX-D005 Metal Chain Bead Patches
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YAX-D005 Metal Chain Bead Patches

Product Details of Metal Chain Bead Patches

Product Name

Metal Chain Bead Patches

Product Type 

Can be hot fix or Iron On

Overall Size



Resin Stone&Glass Stone&Stone with claw&Cup Chain stone

Total Designs

33 styles for D series


Gold and White


100 Pieces

Delivery Time

3-5 working days


Garments,Like T-shirts, Wedding Dress,Dancing 

Product Metal Chain Bead Patches

Metal Chain Bead Patches 

adds the fun to our life by bringing fashion and beauty into an amazing and charming world

Metal Chain Bead Patches

arouses our emotion,inspires and nourishes art and culture.

Metal Chain Bead Patches are Fashion,twinkle,shining, exaggeration,eye-catching design,getting rid of tradition,fashion pursuit,elegance,beauty,glittering like the stars, perfection.


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How To Order Bead Patches

Step 1

Please send us a message or enquiry

Step 2

Quotation will be sent to you in 24 hours

Step 3

The proforma invoice will be sent to you to confirm the order

Step 4

The goods will be shipped out after we received the full payment.

Step 5

A tracking number will be sent to you


Payment Terms

Payment Ways

Time to Account


3-5 Working Days to The Account

Western Union

1-24 Hour to The Account


Immediately to The&nbs, , p;Account(but add about 4% handling fee)



Shipping Ways

Shipping Time


4-6 Working Days


3-5 Working Days


3-7 Working Days


3-7 Working Days


7-10 Working Days


35-45 Working Days

Company Information



Accompanying with the strong and strength; choosing YAX, the strong will be stronger.


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A woman whose smile is open and whose expression is glad has a kind of beauty no matter what she wears.  Anne Roiphe



YAX-D005 Metal Chain Bead Patches

YAX-D005 Metal Chain Bead Patches

We are china professional manufacturer of YAX-D005 Metal Chain Bead Patches,we produce and wholesale YAX-D005 Metal Chain Bead Patches with china factory price,beausce our factory is own,we supply YAX-D005 Metal Chain Bead Patches in own shop in guangzhou china.we have YAX-D005 Metal Chain Bead Patches sample free sent to you,color sheet or color chart or color catalog free to you!YAX-D005 Metal Chain Bead Patches is cheap price beausce made in china

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