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Custom Heat Rhinestone Transfers
Name:Custom Heat Rhinestone Transfers
Hotfix T-shirt Motif Designs
Name:Hotfix T-shirt Motif Designs
Hot fix Rhinestone Transfers
Name:Hot fix Rhinestone Transfers
Custom Made Hotfix Rhinestone Motif
Name:Custom Made Hotfix Rhinestone Motif
Iron on Rhinestone Transfers
Name:Iron on Rhinestone Transfers
Custom Hotfix Rhinestone Motif Designs
Name:Custom Hotfix Rhinestone Motif Designs
custom hotfix strass motif designs
Name:custom hotfix strass motif designs
iron on rhinestone transfers design
Name:iron on rhinestone transfers design
rhinestone transfer motifs
Name:rhinestone transfer motifs
elephant on T-shirt
Name:elephant on T-shirt
heat transfer rhinestone motif bird
Name:heat transfer rhinestone motif bird
hotfix motifs rhinestone panda on garment
Name:hotfix motifs rhinestone panda on garment
motifs rhinestone design-skull and violin
Name:motifs rhinestone design-skull and violin
duck motif hotfix
Name:duck motif hotfix
hotfix rhinestone horse on T-shirt
Name:hotfix rhinestone horse on T-shirt
crystals motif eagle
Name:crystals motif eagle
glass motifs cat
Name:glass motifs cat
glass motif bear
Name:glass motif bear
pedreria pattern pretty doll
Name:pedreria pattern pretty doll
glass patterns phoenix
Name:glass patterns phoenix
crystals patterns double fish
Name:crystals patterns double fish
glass pattern fish
Name:glass pattern fish
glass designs pecker
Name:glass designs pecker
glass design skull
Name:glass design skull
beads motifs snail
Name:beads motifs snail
beads motif shot
Name:beads motif shot
bead motif snoopy
Name:bead motif snoopy
pedreria designs bird
Name:pedreria designs bird
mushroom transfer design rhinestone
Name:mushroom transfer design rhinestone
mickey mouse transfer rhinestone
Name:mickey mouse transfer rhinestone
cat transfer motifs rhinestone
Name:cat transfer motifs rhinestone
cat transfer rhine stud design
Name:cat transfer rhine stud design
cat hotfix motifs rhinestone
Name:cat hotfix motifs rhinestone
horse transfer rhinestone design
Name:horse transfer rhinestone design
pedreria motifs deer hotfix
Name:pedreria motifs deer hotfix
hot fix motifs horse
Name:hot fix motifs horse
pedreria design snowman transfer
Name:pedreria design snowman transfer
pedreria patterns dolphin
Name:pedreria patterns dolphin
pedreria motif horse transfer
Name:pedreria motif horse transfer
crystal pattern sunflower
Name:crystal pattern sunflower
hotfix design horse
Name:hotfix design horse
hotfix pattern-snoopy
Name:hotfix pattern-snoopy
hot fix pattern-mouse
Name:hot fix pattern-mouse
patterns hotfix-bird
Name:patterns hotfix-bird
pattern hotfix-double fish
Name:pattern hotfix-double fish
patterns hot fix -dolphin
Name:patterns hot fix -dolphin
pattern hot fix -fish
Name:pattern hot fix -fish
hot fix patterns double fish
Name:hot fix patterns double fish
hot fix designs dolphin
Name:hot fix designs dolphin
hot fix design cats
Name:hot fix design cats
crystal motif sheep
Name:crystal motif sheep
hotfix designs cat
Name:hotfix designs cat
hotfix patterns-cat
Name:hotfix patterns-cat
design hotfix cat
Name:design hotfix cat
design hot fix cats
Name:design hot fix cats
designs hot fix hello kitty
Name:designs hot fix hello kitty
free transfer designs kitty
Name:free transfer designs kitty
designs hotfix cat
Name:designs hotfix cat
free hotfix patterns cat
Name:free hotfix patterns cat
crystals pattern cat
Name:crystals pattern cat
free motifs butterfly
Name:free motifs butterfly
free rhinestones motifs butterfly
Name:free rhinestones motifs butterfly
rhinestone design butterfly
Name:rhinestone design butterfly
crystals motifs butterfly
Name:crystals motifs butterfly
tiger transfer motifs rhinestone
Name:tiger transfer motifs rhinestone
elephant transfer rhinestone
Name:elephant transfer rhinestone
elephant transfer rhinestone
Name:elephant transfer rhinestone
bee transfer rhinestone motifs
Name:bee transfer rhinestone motifs
ostrich transfer rhinestone
Name:ostrich transfer rhinestone
mickeymouse transfer motifs
Name:mickeymouse transfer motifs
mickey mouse transfer rhinestone
Name:mickey mouse transfer rhinestone
fish transfer rhinestone
Name:fish transfer rhinestone
birds motifs hotfix
Name:birds motifs hotfix
hat rhinestone transfer
Name:hat rhinestone transfer
fist hotfix rhinestone
Name:fist hotfix rhinestone
bicycle hotfix rhinestone
Name:bicycle hotfix rhinestone
baby rhinestone transfer
Name:baby rhinestone transfer
snoopy rhinestone hotfix motifs
Name:snoopy rhinestone hotfix motifs
lady hotfix rhinestone motifs designs
Name:lady hotfix rhinestone motifs designs
snowman rhinestone designs motifs hotfix
Name:snowman rhinestone designs motifs hotfix
lady rhinestones motifs transfer design
Name:lady rhinestones motifs transfer design
girl hotfix designs rhinestone motifs
Name:girl hotfix designs rhinestone motifs
cat rhinestone designs patterns
Name:cat rhinestone designs patterns
butterfly hotfix rhinestone designs
Name:butterfly hotfix rhinestone designs
butterfly hot fix rhinestone designs motifs
Name:butterfly hot fix rhinestone designs motifs
eagle rhinestone designs motifs transfer
Name:eagle rhinestone designs motifs transfer
butterfly hotfix motifs designs
Name:butterfly hotfix motifs designs
eagle designs transfer rhinestones
Name:eagle designs transfer rhinestones
birds transfer designs rhinestones
Name:birds transfer designs rhinestones
birds motifs hotfix rhinestone
Name:birds motifs hotfix rhinestone
cat designs transfer motifs
Name:cat designs transfer motifs
butterfly designs transfer rhinestone
Name:butterfly designs transfer rhinestone
Santa Claus motifs rhinestone transfer
Name:Santa Claus motifs rhinestone transfer
dragon of china hotfix motifs
Name:dragon of china hotfix motifs
The Arrow of Love motifs rhinestone design
Name:The Arrow of Love motifs rhinestone design
cute bear motifs rhinestone transfer
Name:cute bear motifs rhinestone transfer
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Custom Heat Rhinestone Transfers
Name: Custom Heat Rhinestone Transfers ID: 14146
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China YAX swainstone rhinestone transfer Official web

Custom Heat Rhinestone Transfers

China factory custom heat rhinestone transfers,wholesale custom rhinestone heat transfers,T-shirt custom rhinestone transfers 

China factory custom heat rhinestone transfers,wholesale custom rhinestone heat transfers,T-shirt custom rhinestone transfers 

China factory custom heat rhinestone transfers,T-shirt custom rhinestone transfers


  ---------Make the beauty come true

  Details of Heat rhinestone transfers                    

  Product         Heat rhinestone transfers

  China Rhinestone, Korea rhinestone, DMC rhinestone, Nailheads,Rhinestuds              

  Size     Many sizes as you request
  Color    Many color as you request
  MOQ  300pieces
  Usage   T-shirts, Apparel/Garments, Jeans, Bags, Shoes, etc.
  Trade Info for Heat rhinestone transfers                        
 Payment Terms    PayPal, T/T, Escrow, Western Union
 Lead Time   1-2  days for sample ,  2-4  days for Bulk order ones
 Shipping   UPS/DHL/FedEx/EMS
 Delivery Time     Generally 2- 4 days
 Package   OPP bags inside, Special Vacuum packing (never move the place in the way) parcel or export carton outside According to your orders


  It depends on design,simple one for free,special one will charge small fees.

China factory custom heat rhinestone transfers,wholesale custom rhinestone heat transfers,T-shirt custom rhinestone transfers 

Pictures of Animal heat rhinestone transfers                      

China factory custom heat rhinestone transfers,wholesale custom rhinestone heat transfers,T-shirt custom rhinestone transfers 

Other Themes of heat rhinestone transfers                                      

Lead Free Heat Rhinestone Transfers Commitment                       

Guangzhou YAX Lead Free laboratories imported the European ROHS laboratory testing equipment. We offer the spot lead free detection and the latest test report. Moreover, we can take a spot test for the samples from your purchased products and provide the testing video to the remote client.
You can get the quality certificates that a third-party lead free testing. If not passed, you can get the refund.0 ppm Lead Free Rhinestone waiting for your contract.

The Details of producing high quality Heat rhinestone transfers

1.All materials will pre- screening and eliminate defective products outside the workbench
2 The layout of Hot fix motif: length within 50cm ; Figure margins at least 1cm; spacing  between figure and figure at least 1-2cm(ensuring easy cutting)
(Tips: To maximize cost savings for you, according to the actual size of the pattern we will be a slight adjustment for typesetting).
3 In the producing of hot fix motif , make sure not to move the place, no flip, no bad rhinestone and not no glue rhinestone.
4. When finish the hot fix motif, double-check the materials (promise them no move the place, no flip, no bad rhinestone and not no glue rhinestone.)
5 Inner Packing: Take the cardboard on both side of hot fix motif and do machine vacuum packing. The whole package will be hard as stone, ne,, ver move the place. Even fell on the ground, they won鈥檛, change the positio, n. On the packaging label: marked the code of hot fix motif, the number of sheets on the whole package (For your convenience to count and check the goods)
6 Outer Packing: Use new export cartons and Cover woven bag. And marked with box number and packing list. Foreign , trade en, terpri, ses o, nly need simply inspection and make a delivery directl, y.
7. We will have a test the sample of hot fix motif, then provide accurate temperature and pressing time for you. Also, we will send you necessary back-up loose materials for free.

China factory custom heat rhinestone transfers,wholesale custom rhinestone heat transfers,T-shirt custom rhinestone transfers 

Apply of Heat Rhinestone Transfers                    

China factory custom heat rhinestone transfers,wholesale custom rhinestone heat transfers,T-shirt custom rhinestone transfers 

How to use the Heat Rhinestone Transfers        

Company Information of  HK YAX LTD            

We have been specializing in rhinestone transfers for nearly 11 years. Selling them to America, England, Spain, France, Portugal, Russia & etc. With the great support from our Loyal customers, we would open bigger gate to selling the best rhinestone to every corner of the world.

Our Team (Full of enthusiasm and innovative spirit)             

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Welcome to China HK YAX LTD,.
China YAX Hot Fix Rhinestone Motif factory is located in GZ China,which is established in 2006.
We are a professional leading manufacturer and exporter of hotfix rhinestone motif. Hot fix strass motifs are our hot sale items.Our hotfix motif transfers and hot fix rhinestones have been sold all over the word.
We are China factory of hot fix rhinestone transfers,so we can offer very attractive price of hot fix motif transfers and control the whole production progress of iron on rhinestone motif. Each piece of iron on rhinestone pattern need to be double QC before shipment. our hotfix rhinestone designs are Vacuum pack,it can protect iron on rhinestone designs to be perfect after long-distance shipping.hot fix rhinestone design samples are available before bulk hotfix rhinestone patterns production.
Hotfix rhinestone transfer designs material have many types for your choices,such as hotfix rhinestones,hot fix studs,hot fix copper,hot fix nailheads,hot fix half round pearls,hot fix sequins etc.Senior designer help you design rhinestone motif transfer,custom rhinestone motif hot fix is welcome.Professional sales team for your hotfix motif transfer service of pre-sales and after sale.
Welcome contact us if you have any demands of hot fix rhinestones and hot fix motif designs .

Welcome to contact me for more details.

Custom Heat Rhinestone Transfers

Custom Heat Rhinestone Transfers

We are china professional manufacturer of Custom Heat Rhinestone Transfers,we produce and wholesale Custom Heat Rhinestone Transfers with china factory price,beausce our factory is own,we supply Custom Heat Rhinestone Transfers in own shop in guangzhou china.we have Custom Heat Rhinestone Transfers sample free sent to you,color sheet or color chart or color catalog free to you!Custom Heat Rhinestone Transfers is cheap price beausce made in china

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